To protect consumers CRIF Services Sp. z o.o. in cooperation with Association of Lending Companies (ZFP) created solution for reserving identification data presented on ID card (PESEL number).

Information about the reservation is available for all Credit Check users and can help to avoid identity theft. Bezpieczny PESEL helps to protect and uncover frauds on lending market. This is also to make more difficult to get a lending commitment to the person who is or might be in possession of your data.

This solution is built on two foundations:

Reservation service – allows to reserve the PESEL number and transfers information to loan companies, the person who reserved the number is not going to apply for loan or sign a loan agreement. A potential loan application with reserved PESEL number, could not be the application signed by the owner of reserved PESEL.

Lost ID notification – allows to report the lost PESEL number and provides information to loan companies about possibility/risk of using this lost number in loan applications.

All Users of Credit Check platform have access to information database about reserved or lost identification numbers (PESEL)


Bezpieczny PESEL is working under the sponsorship of Association of Lending Companies (ZFP), which represents the majority of on-line lending companies. Furthermore Bezpieczny PESEL is considered as crucial solution for improving the quality of credit portfolio and preventing excessive borrowing.